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The Hong Kong Electrical & Mechanical Contractors' Association Limited (HKEMCA)

has been playing a leading role in the electrical & mechanical contracting sector to deal with all major issues with the Government and all stakeholders. Members of the HKEMCA are sizable companies which collectively undertake about 60% of the total contract value of the entire industry in Hong Kong and are the major holders of electrical & mechanical contracts outside the territory.

The HKEMCA is one of the three Association Members of the Real Estate and Construction Functional Constituency which also consists of The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong (REDA) and The Hong Kong Construction Association (HKCA).


Major Event

Incorporated on 26 October 1982 with Mr. HU Fa Kuang as the Founding President, the Association brings along sizable electrical & mechanical contractors to deal with all major issues with the Government and all stakeholders
Wrote to the Government to seek for a representative seat in the Legislative Council
Became one of the three Association Members of the Real Estate and Construction Functional Constituency (which also consists of The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong Construction Association)
Cooperated with the Government to be one of the Co-organisers of the periodic Conference with the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (formerly known as the Ministry of Construction) of the Mainland
With 5 other Trade Associations, formed the Hong Kong Federation of Electrical & Mechanical Contractors for the advancement of the industry



In the year of 2018 mega projects - high speed railway opened on 23 Sept 18 and HK- Zhuhai - Macau Bridge opening on 23 Oct 18 for which the HK Construction Industry are extremely proud following all the hard work of the past six to seven years. However, recent scandals related to couplers, rebar and concrete and insufficient funding of contractors raised the alarm for each stake holder in the industry on major issues such as quality , supply chain management , security of payment causing the need for a complete review of our current contracting systems.

LEGCO approved the budget in this fiscal year as high as HKD 170B which will continue for the next couple of years. At the same time we were reminded of the important need for training high quality skilled workers.

In Government we have the 2030 planning vision. However, in 2014 15% of the population will be 65 years and over with the further data indicating a rise to 16 % in 2017 and 23 % -24% by 2026 with this demographic impact hitting labour availability in market and a labour shortage ranging from 5000 -10,000 workers daily against an active daily number of workers of around 120,000 which will impact on both quality and productivity. The labour shortage will be serious problem in 1 - 2 year's time causing a great impact on the construction industry once the future major projects have commenced such as the stadium , AA T2 & T3 , hospitals , 460,000 residential flats demand etc.

Labour importation is a very sensitive in HK so, to mitigate this constraint we must implement off site fabrication, modularisation and digital management. In particular the MEP sector, we promote the innovation by the digital management, prefabrication and modularization in order to manage quality and labour impact but we need the support from Government to fund both innovation and allocate land for modular factory set ups to make this dream a reality.

In the coming one year, we shall continue to organise networking dinners with different Departments under HKSAR Development Bureau and other quasi Government organisations in order to promote the image of EMCA, transparency between each stakeholders and direct voice from industry.

With this opportunity, I would like express my sincere thanks to all of the Members support over the last year and look forward to continue working and build a successful year in 2019.

Gilbert Tsang


Council Member

List of Presidents
1982 – 1988
Mr. HU Fa Kuang
1988 – 1993
Mr. TSANG Chiu Kwan
1993 – 1999
Mr. James CHIU
1999 – 2001
Mr. SZETO Ting Hoi, John
2001 – 2003
Mr. Martin R. KING
2003 – 2009
Mr. James CHIU
2009 – 2013
Mr. TSANG Chiu Kwan
2013 – 2017
Mr. POON Lock Kee, Rocky
2017 - Present
Mr. TSANG Hing Cheung, Gilbert
Office Bearer
Mr. TSANG Hing Cheung, Gilbert
Gammon E&M Limited
Hon Secretary
Mr. KO Chi Wai, Gary
Kum Shing Engineering Company Limited
Hon Treasurer
Mr. HO Yiu Wah
GTECH Services (Hong Kong) Limited
Council Members
Mr. LAW Wei Tak, Victor
ATAL Engineering Limited
Mr. CHUK Wai Chun, Winston
China State Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Limited
Mr. SYNN Raymond Cheung
Krueger Engineering (Asia) Limited
Mr. CHAN Chi Ming, Antonio
REC Engineering Company Limited
Mr. LIU Man Lok, Peter
Shinryo (Hong Kong) Limited
Mr. MA Ka Chun
Shun Hing Engineering Contracting Company Limited
Mr. CHAN Wai Ping, Frankie
TYS Limited
Mr. CHONG Kin Lit, Paul
Wenden Engineering Service Company Limited
Mr. SOON Kweong Wah, Thomas
Young's Engineering Company Limited
Associate Members
Mr. CHAN Sheung Yan, Kenneth
Representative of Hong Kong Plumbing & Sanitary Ware Trade Association Limited
Mr. LAM Oi Ki, Peter
Representative of The Association of Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors of Hong Kong Limited
Mr. CHAN Chi Hung, Dave
Representative of The Hong Kong Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Association
Mr. LAM Chi Man, Dante
Representative of The Lift and Escalator Contractors Association